is this even real

photo by Ta Nit, macro by me




image macro by dianna dragonetti

awwww yeee

I just wanna be

I just wanna be

I just wanna be neglectful


feeling like a lesser insect because I can’t read your mind

You make me feel
Like book three of The Faerie Queene


excerpt from NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD a new, long poem by NATE LOGAN, published on Be About It Press

check it out, hot and fresh and new release from beaboutitpress <3

Driving away from an airport is a part of life. We’ll always leave beautiful people behind. We’ll always want to stay, knowing they’re leaving too.

wishin on disposable income


partyprofessor6-deactivated2014 asked: oh damn did i miss it?


Bout to bout to board

Title: Episode 2 - "Matt Takaichi" Artist: That Lit Podcast with Alexandra Naughton 289 plays


That Lit Podcast | Episode 2: “Matt Takaichi”

The second episode of That Lit Podcast is here.

Matt Takaichi and Ctch Bsnss!! a twofer where we talk about Iceland, ghosts, and books a little bit.

Reading Chekov plays in the tavern bathroom


I act like I don’t like Kirsten Dunst but the truth is I relate too much to her characters.


Where I’m at rn

'I think all three of us are members of the alt lit school'