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why are you sleeping on this

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SB Stokes’ A History of Broken Love Things book release party

dont try to be cute please. you found almost all of your contributors, at least the best ones, through me. you copied my style and did it worse. less quality. weaker lineups. and lots of self-congratulation. dont be cute cuz..youre not cute. bye

shots fired

people are starting to quietly find out



i like this grave

i made this grave

now with soundddddd

legit thought gpoy was an acronym for “go pull on yourself”

like, stop bragging about something and just go home and jerk off

thoughts on art/consumerism ›


I don’t want to craft a product

I don’t believe in all these companies popping up selling stuff that no one really needs and isn’t going to better the ills of society

craft subscriptions and crap like that, I’m sorry but make your own creativity

art is consumed but it is timeless

it is not a product, it does not produce waste

poems can be read again and again

paintings are enjoyed with every glance

my dad said something to me about how hard it will be for me

"I am a commercial artist, you are trying to be pure"

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We’ve been pummeled so hard into submission by overwhelming student loan debt, low-paying work we’re overqualified for, the myth of advancement, and quelled by near-pointless/resource-stripping technology that we don’t even give a shit about having ~ 2 decades left. For so long I’ve been saying that we’re definitely going to witness the end of the world, I just wanna thank NASA for confirming.

"So what you do is, I sit on the bottom of the pool while holding a towel and you sit on my shoulders. I hold the towel out under the water to catch the ghost in the pool. I will sit under the water at the bottom of the pool until I get him," I tell my friend.

"And this is art?"

"I don’t consider it to be not art."

depressed as fuck, if fuck just got their heart broken

you want me


you don’t

know me

filing my emotional taxes


heart lodged in esophagus 


alex is killin the game

<3 love you boo