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Saturday 8/30: Day 1 of SF Zine Fest: start your day off right with a stroll through the many wonderful DIY creations of Bay Area artists. Free, 11 a.m., San Francisco County Fair Building.

Mark Cronin’s book release redux for Dear Ghost of My Love, published by The Gorilla Press, with Ctch Bsnss, Kate Robinson, and Joel Landmine. Hosted by Jason Schenheit. Free, 7 p.m., E.M. Wolfman General Interest Bookstore. – Alexandra Naughton

two of my picks in Notable SF on The Rumpus


THE BIG MOVE, a new poetry collection by Trevor L. Sensor, published by Be About It press in August, 2014.

Trevor writes about the mysteries of adolescence, of the kind of love that makes even sleeping on a basement couch seem appealing, on death and remembrance, on losing love and finding solace in the memory of a hand.

read it now, for free as always: http://www.scribd.com/doc/237768742/The-Big-Move-by-Trevor-Sensor



new from beaboutitpress

You Could Never Objectify Me More Than I’ve Already Objectified Myself.


asnakethateatsitself asked: a false sense of security. a sense of dislocation

i have a bad memory

Was this in a story I read? Was it in a movie or tv show I watched? Did I dream this? I can’t remember.

Someone says this to another person, as an insult: you know, a bee does a waggle dance to let the other bees that he has a message to communicate, but if he keeps dancing the other bees sting him to death.

A false sense of self
A false sense of self entitlement


I’m down with guilt

I can get with regret

but jealousy is a stupid fucking waste of a feeling

Sundays on the Ave ›


They wait

At the hospital on Girard

in the morning air, suspended

Occupying hands, chain smoking

Hoping to get through the day

They wait

At the pizzeria on the corner of 4th

The fader stumbles down the avenue

in the morning air, suspended

“I’ve been trying to quit…



ONLY DOGS GO TO HEAVEN, a collection of poems by Kendall Sharpe written between 2011 and 2013.

Click here to read/download the collection!! For free, as always.

Thank you, Kendall!!!

Collection of poems by Kendall Sharpe



SOME DISTANT FIRE, by Jeremy Hight

new short story published by Be About It press


James had coordinates now. Numbers. He also somewhere out there, naked and maybe a cliff or hole, he had a place. It was crazy he thought. The next thought however came again like a train with no brakes or some other such metaphor. This repetition surely might mean something by the very nagging nature of it. It varied but was something to the effect of do something weird for once, commit to this random thought you coward. It could just be another dead end, another thing he would have to just tuck away and move on. It also could be something random for once amongst that litany of crappy world news and low buzzing anxiety everyone he knew that admitted to it also felt like gas in the belly, a dull hum out the window from something out of reach.’


Title: Episode 5: "Cassandra Dallett" Artist: That Lit Podcast 228 plays


That Lit Podcast | Episode 5: “Cassandra Dallett”

Bay area writer and author of Wet Reckless Cassandra Dallett joins host Alexandra Naughton for an engaging discussion about mental illness, the writing process, and growing up.

Cassandra is a boss.


BE ABOUT IT presents: Riley Michael Parker, Parker Tettleton, and Diana Salier.

Today at 7 pm at EM Wolfman Books at 410 13th street, Oakland, CA.

be there