Matty Sherl

The karaoke doctor teaching us about poetry

partyprofessor6-deactivated2014 asked: you should get a drink with me after your poetry show tonight at emory :)

We’re doing another show tonight.

Anonymous asked: Lana del rey*

Lol that’s how much I care

I keep receipts that remind me of you stuffed in my wallet.

I have performance art hair


I’m not really a bitch
It’s a front. Armor. I’ve had to protect myself since I was a kid. I’m really sensitive and I act aggressive bc I thought being the Hurter is easier than being Hurt.

I actually love everyone.

You make me wanna change my name. You make me feel like a Jonathan Richman song. But not a solo Jonathan Richman song. Like a Modern Lovers song. Specifically ‘Hospital.’


Atlanta lifestylin. Wanted to order the summertime sadness until I found out it’s a Lana Del ray song.

I’m not a whore anymore. I’m just a bitch. #tournotes



I don’t need to be with anyone

but I want to be with you


(via stand-pretty-and-tall)

I think I need to stop scaring people. I hardly ever mean to.


On our way to ATL finally. Emory bookstore Barnes and noble tonight.