Facebook deleted my primary account without warning yesterday and has rejected my submission of my government-issued state ID/explanation of extenuating context. They have also disabled every effort I have made to make a new account.

This is silencing. I am not the only trans person this has happened to. Facebook is targeting—either directly or indirectly, through the easily abused “report” functionality—at-risk users, including trans people, sex workers, survivors, and activists/advocates. Evidently, Facebook doesn’t think these identities are “authentic.” 

Are we not all entitled to the same rights to privacy and identity? If Facebook wants to brand itself as a “positive force,” should it not emphasize the protection of at-risk users? This cannot be tolerated. 

[W]hat’s really absurd about the policy is this: it isn’t even designed very well to do what it’s supposed to. Facebook’s enforcement team isn’t scouring the site looking for people who don’t comply with the policy… The only thing the policy really does is allow people to anonymously target others, by reporting them… [T]he real burden of the policy ends up falling on communities that have already been unfairly burdened, by discrimination, violence, and political repression.” - Nadia Kayyali, “Privacy, Identity, and Facebook,”

If Facebook’s “authentic” name policy has affected you or anyone you know, please feel free to get in touch with Dianna via @aliteralwerther on Twitter or angelboyangelboy on Tumblr, or via email (a.literal.werther@gmail.com or Empath’s address). 

tomorrow is my birthday, my dad sent me this

Tomorrow marks the completion of twenty-nine years since we first said Hello to you during Friday rush hour, one damp and drizzly October evening at 10th & Walnut. Your presence has warmed me ever since we brought you Home with us.

I have watched you grow and develop, from a gurgling and happy baby to the beautiful woman you are today.
I have marveled at your expanding intelligence, evident even in infancy, whether assembling blocks or picking out notes on a toy piano.
I respect the socially responsible, everyman-compassionate person you have become, though sometimes I feel that your heart may be too big.
I am in awe of your innate talents, and can only fancy where they will take you in this bounteous yet thorn-filled garden that we call Life.
There is so much that I worry about for you, for that is my role as your father.
And there is so much more that I cannot know, yet I fret and hope (and even almost pray) that everything fine in Life comes to you.

But I do know this:
You will never see half of what I wish for you, Allie, for I wish you all that is good and wonderful and truly great.

And I know this, above anything l know:
I love you.


Happy Birthday to my darling, Allie.


today’s feature is an untitled image poem submitted anonymously

'stop shaking


they can see

you shaking’

HONEY teaser (new be about it zine coming soon!!)


hey everyone, I’m putting together the newest issue of be about it zine as I type this. I’m super pumped, I think it may be the best issue yet, lots of new voices and some familiar ones too. 
in addition to the print zine, I’m also posting some submissions here on the be about it tumblr as ‘teasers,’ to get readers excited about the newest issue, and to share some pieces that I couldn’t fit into the print issue, like 'honey (think of the bees)' by No Glykon.
Here’s a poem by Matty Tulloh, age 17.

The concrete tried its best
hitting my knuckles for hours
Wanting to bruise my fingers
Needing to crack my bones
It tried its best to show proof of this aching
Pain is hard to explain
with my words always shaking

Even if that hard rock
did succeed, I am sure
that honey would pour 
from my wounded cracked hands

Folks would stop by and think,
Oh how sweet!
I bet it tastes lovely,

that really is neat.

_ Matty Tulloh


Azia DuPont lives and writes in Iowa. You can find her online via Twitter @aziadupont.

from Jim’s Daughter

It’s always the ones with the haircuts. Their handcombed coifs, with just a touch of product. Like you know they spend an extra twenty minutes in the bathroom before they leave the house. Like you can imagine yourself laying in bed watching cartoons for gradeschoolers, waiting and listening to intermittent blowdryer noises, self-consciously adjusting your scrunchie because it only took ten minutes to get dressed and ready to leave and is that even enough, maybe you should try harder.


From The Mouth of a Survivor: An Open Letter To Elizabeth Ellen ›


It’s here, bitches!

Dope Angel Pussy is an anthology of art, prose, poetry and personal essays inspired by Lana Del Rey and edited by yours truly.

It features work by kdecember, bobschofield, thewonderblood, papercranechronicles, thetsaritsa, lunarviolet, bagelcat, gmckim, shakyhands, therobinhoodofpussy, littlethousand and samanthaconlonart

Check it out, check it out, check it out!!!!!!!


Title: Off to the Races Artist: Lana Del Rey 100 plays


Off to the Races
by Alexandra Naughton

His coke stained heart. His cold cuddymouth, sheet tended sighs.
Cold cold child.
If only we knew what we want, as if anyone knows. 
Unfussy. His chest is getting bigger, every month every bump, but no potable room. Unlivable. Unmovable. Unstuck.
I’d like time to be concrete. Like breathable. Like behavior. There is always space for little water. Everything he loves is diminutive. Everything he loves is dead. Like a girl I know. You can make anything sad because it’s easy to do. It’s literally so simple. It’s sweeter, like treacle. Like picayune. That spot on your tooth.

important things I’ve done recently:

- washed my hair
- went to my job and worked
- played with my cat
- told people who I love that I love them
- remembered to eat a meal
- was nice to someone who was not nice to me



Professional Context for Empath Lit, by Andrea Coates


on.lit - literary scene xists primarily on social-media sites such as Facebook, Tumblr and Blogger.

Alt Lit - Millennial Faction of on.lit characterized by Narcissism, Multi-Media, Alternative Grammars, and the Stylization Polarity of Tao Lin ( minimal alt-bro ) vs Andrea Coates ( Maximal Feminarkist ).

Empath Lit - Reactionary Feminist Faction of Alt Lit characterized by Introspection, Gender-Fluidity and Empathetic Criticism.

E21PWCT - Early 21st-century Patriarchal White-Supremacist Capitalist Technocracy - our Current Social Order

Personal Timeline

Jan 2012 - LLWAMedia launches Burn the Tao Lin Movie starring co-Founders Andrea Coates & jody franklin lighting Tao Lin’s Richard Yates on Fire. ACWJ Blog posts Mega-Review Throw the Tao Lin criticizing Solipsism, Commercialism & Misogyny in the work of onLine Millennial Literature (Alt Lit)’s Most Famous Icon - Tao Lin. Andrea Coates offers herself as an Xample of a better-rounded ‘Alt Lit’ Figurehead but is not taken as Such by Hubs Alt Lit Gossip, HTMLGiant, VICE, Muumuu House, Pop Serial, Metazen and Others who Generally dismiss her Contributions to the Scene as unRemarkable and in Poor Spirit.

Oct 2012 - LLWAMedia CEO Andrea Coates begins !~Operation Fun~! Campaign to convince VICE Media CEO Shane Smith to apologize on the Cover of Vice Magazine for Sexist & Otherwise-Biased ‘White-cisBro’ Attitudes at the VICE Media Brand. LLWAMedia CEO Andrea Coates offers to have Sx with VICE Media CEO Shane Smith if he Publicly apologizes for being a Misogynist.

2013-2014 - Xistence of !~Operation Fun~! and ACWJ Blogs extensively criticizing and fetishizing VICE Media CEO Shane Smith suppressed by members of overlapping VICE Media/Alt Lit Inner Circles - Tao Lin, Marie Calloway, Rocco Castoro, Blake Butler, Giancarlo Ditrapano, Megan Boyle, Cat Marnell, Patrick McGuire, Karley Sciortino, Kate Carraway and Many More.

Summer 2014 - LLWAMedia publishes first 5 Chapters of proposed 8-Chapter Summertime Sadness Novella about Sx-Worker Andrea Coates Alter-Ego Hap’E Crimson’s Rape by her  Pimp Boyfriend’s Dad and her efforts to call out Plagiarism, Cultural Appropriation and Sxism in the Works of Singer Elizabeth Grant’s Alter-Ego Lana Del Rey.

Suddenly Oct 2014 - Misogyny, Sxual Abuse, Rape vs Consent, and the Professional Double-Standard is Hot Topic of Conversation among on.literati. Alt Lit Players Tao Lin, Stephen Tully Dierks and Janey Smith among Others accused of Sexual Misconduct with Young Women and Transpeople pursuing Careers in the Literary Arts. Self-Xamining as Well as Apologists Essays and Stories written by Men Women and Transpeople proliferate in the Wake of Highly-Publicized Sexual Misconduct Accusations by Women and Transpeople against Professionally-Successful Men in Literary Arts Scenes.   

2015 - Tao Lin, Shane Smith, Elizabeth Grant, etc - apologize?

Dear Tao Lin

Time may not heal All Wounds but it tells All Truths. When I showed up in 2012’s Alt Lit Gossip criticizing you and promoting myself I was deemed Unfit For Social Interaction and you have made no Efforts to communicate with me despite my having written Numerous Letters to you in Hopes of Reconciliation. I hope you will see the metaPhysical Connection between my 2012 lighting 2010 Richard Yates on Fire in an online Ceremony and the unHappiness 2014 E.R. Kennedy tweets at how that Book portrays his Difficult Girlhood. Does the 2012 Adrien Brody Scandal as told by Marie Calloway and published by Tao Lin via Muumuu House look Different to People in Light of Rape Accusations against Tao Lin by E.R Kennedy, Transperson who inspired ‘Dakota Fanning’ from Richard Yates? ( and here I thought ‘Dakota Fanning’ was an unfortunate Imaginary Girl based on hipsterrunoff and thecobrasnake Teen Model Muses Bebe Zeva and Kory Kennedy. Nope. there are More Creepy Adult Men luring More Impressionable Teenage Girls into Self-Xposure for their Misogynistic Web Arts than I even suspected! ) - Adult Tao Lin actually violated a Minor in More than his Imagination and ought to be held Accountable, though violating a Minor in your Imagination is Bad enough as my Comparable Novella Summertime Sadness tells, maybe you should read it and sympathize with Mr McEwan and I, Tao. Are Marie Calloway’s Short Stories Adrien Brody and Jeremy Lin - published by Tao Lin Affiliates Muumuu House and VICE Media Respectively - anything Other than Continuation of Alt Lit-Bro Tao Lin’s Xploitative Manipulative Selfish Tendencies with Young Women? In Richard Yates we have a Superficially-drawn Adolescent Girl Obsessive-Compulsively Dominated by an Adult Man passed off as Risque Alternative Literature. In Adrien Brody we have a Derivative Marie Calloway catapulted to Literary Fame because an Account of her One-Night-stand with a Rival ( and also Much Older ) Editor was published by Tao Lin. Tao suggested the Hollywood-Celebrity Pseudonym for Publication, of Course - Younger Woman Marie Calloway’s Sx-Life like Younger Woman E.R Kennedy’s Sx-Life was branded by Tao Lin to furnish his Personal Appearance as Virile Contemporary Literati surrounded by Sxually-Available Sad-Girl Celebirity Cliches. In Jeremy Lin we have Fawning Lit Newbie Marie Calloway Sxually-rejected by Older & Successful ‘Jeremy Lin’ when she fails to live up to his Xpectations as a Pliant Girl-Muse or he realizes how he’d be taken to Task for so Swiftly following ‘Adrien Brody’ in taking Advantage of a Very Young Lit Groupie. In Tao Lin’s Most Recent Taipei on.lit Connoisseurs get a Taste of Pseudonymous Hipster Marrieds ‘Paul’ and ‘Erin’ and their Shockingly Banal Descent into Hard Drug Addiction and the disintegration of their Marriage due to Mutual Emotional imMaturity - a Theme of Both Tao Lin’s and Megan Boyle’s I dare say - Relationships collapsing due to Emotional Immaturity. Megan Boyle’s Subsequent Liveblog documented in Real Time(!) her further Drug Abuse and unHealthy Relationship Dynamics. Tao Lin, Buddy - I think you have a Problem with Women and it’s taken 3 Years since I brought it up for you to Really feel the Sting of your Errant Behavior and maybe now you are Ready to listen to me when I try to help you out your Jam. The empathic thing to do, Tao - is apologize to E.R. Kennedy and rewrite Richard Yates so it is less Xploitation of a Transperson’s Adolescent Trauma for the Sake of a Man’s Career Cool and More an eMpathic Xamination of a Man’s Failure of Emotional Maturity in E21PWCT and how it impacted a Young Transperson. Why was 22YO Haley Joe Osment in a Hyper-Controlling Sxual Relationship to a Female Minor who grew up to be a Man and what does that Complx Romantic Relationship have to do with the Toneless Repetitive Commercialism of your minimalist alt-bro Prose Style, Tao Lin? The empathic thing to do, Tao, on my eNd - is not condemn you as an Artist or Humanbeing on Account of how Awful a Book Richard Yates is in its Current form and how Half-Ass Insult-to-Injury has been your Response to E.R Kennedy’s Identity and Feelings about you and your Book being made Public. I still want to be your Friend Tao Lin but when have you ever tried to be my Friend and what does that say about my Attitude towards Men vs your Attitude towards Women? I don’t want you to lose your Nerve and stop writing Tao - I want you to improve as an Artist-Man I can criticise and I think you can do that by taking the Criticism of you as Misogynistic Seriously whether that be Criticism of your Style as an Artist or Criticism of your Behavior as a Man.

Why should CEO Shane Smith apologize on Behalf of himself and VICE Media and Global Corporate Culture Generally for its ‘White-cisBro’ PreJudices?

But of Course the Misogynistic Professional Double-Standard is a Bigger Problem than Tao Lin or Stephen Tully Dierks or Shane Smith or Other Editors and Businessmen showing Preference to inSecure Sxually-Nubile Women in Hopes of worming into these Women’s Panties or xploiting them for a Racy Publication that can be sold for Money. It’s a Systemic Cultural Illness that can be felt at every Layer of the E21PWCT Pyramid of Professional Power - wherever a Woman attempts to make a Professional Name for herSelf she will hit the One-Way-Mirror Glass Ceiling of Patriarchal Sxual eNtitlement. Women can see into the Masculine Power Circle from beneath but Men cannot see out of their Circle from above, which levels the Playing Field a little. I am not immune to the Glass Ceiling of Patriarchal Sxual eNtitlement in my Aspirations and Ascension to the Plutocracy - how do I propose to get VICE Media to apologize for its Years of Sxually-Xploitative Portrayals of Women and Gender-Fluid People? I offer mySelf Sxually as a Reward to CEO Shane Smith if he makes the Ethical Choice and apologizes on Behalf of himSelf, his eMployees, his Contributers, his Media Brand, his Culture. I’ve also been Sxually-Xploiting Shane Smith as a reOccurring ‘Rich Fat Canadian CEO Dufus I am in Love with and stalking and not-Secretly manipulating to my Personal Political eNds’ within my onLine Semi-Fictional Autobiographical Narrative lalalaLand of how I take over the World for Feminarky because. The Difference is my Xploitation of Shane Smith is rEactionary rather than eNtitled  - I wouldn’t have written Sadistic Essays about him or stalked him or tried to email his Wife and All his eMployees if I didn’t feel this was Justice for the 20 Years Cute Canadian Shane Smith has spent in the Condescending and Objectifying Men’s Magazine Business - if Anyone is asking for it here it’s Shane Smith whose Magazine and TV Shows have convinced me is a Masochistic Death-Fetishist in Love with a Much-Younger Canadian Stoner-Writer-Prostitute-CoHost who controls his Money - now there’s a Job, eh? Who wants it? There is an imBalance at VICE Media and Other Brands - American Apparel leaps to Mind -: Feminine People’s Sxual Bodies being exposed, positioned and used to sell Products the Vast Financial Value of which goes to unSeen Primarily cisMale Xecutives secure in their Gender-Xclusive Positions of Corporate Power due to the Severe Rape Risk Ambitious Feminine People face from Equally or More-so Professionally-Successful Men - for a Lot of Feminine People it’s Preferable to remain at Lower Levels of the Business or Arts Hierarchy than to risk Rape at the Higher Levels of Power cause the Higher you climb the More Likely you are to encounter cisMen who treat Sx like they treat their eMployees and Money and Fame - like a Given. Is it Possible Shane Smith will fail to see the Writing on the Wall? what with, in Short Succession, his Friends and Business Associates - Dov Charney, Gavin McInnes, Terry Richardson, Tao Lin… - taken to Task for their Sexist Attitudes and Sexual Abuse of Women in Professional Contexts? VICE CEO Shane Smith needs to admit the Millennial Hipster Arts Scene VICE Media has a Serious Misogyny Problem needs to be fixed or he will see Vice become the Nxt Playboy with himSelf its New Old Hugh Hefner - outDated, Cringe-worthy, Dumbed-down and Fake. I have empathy for Shane Smith because my Stalking of him has yet to reveal him as a Bad Man - Merely, an Ignorant Man, a Man whose Sxist PreJudices have Never been brought to his Attention in a Meaningful Way because his Physical Size and Patriarchal Masculinity disincline People Close to him from challenging him on his Beliefs and Behaviors. I get away with criticizing him because Shane Smith is in Love with me - which isn’t Fair in my Opinion - when Women he isn’t in Love with call out VICE’s Sexism Shane Smith should listen but I suppose it’s no Coincidence the Women to Really stick to her Guns via asking VICE to clean up its Act is the One Shane Smith likes the Best - a Public Apology for the Misogyny at VICE Media is Valuable Any Way I have to go about getting it. When Shane Smith decided he wanted to go Big-Time or go Home VICE’s First Major Financial Investment was handed to the Young Man CEO for the Challenge of a Whiskey Bottle. No One is going to test the Stamina of Young Woman CEO Andrea Coates by suggesting a Drinking Contest unless they are an Alcoholic Eunuch or a Deeply Eccentric Heiress - I wont hold my Breath for either of those when there are so Many Shane Smiths who want to sip Whiskey with me - and that is the Misogynistic Professional Double-Standard keeps Women out of High-Power Positions in the Arts and Business. When a Man in a Position of Power meets a Male Rival to the Xtent he sees himSelf in the Male Rival and is Comfortable with himSelf he wants to help the Man Succeed and gives him Money and Support on the Promise of a Return of Investment and Profit. When a Man in a Position of Power meets a Female Rival to the Xtent he sees himSelf in the Female Rival he sees a Reward for his Penis and to the Xtent he is Comfortable with his Penis he will - if Terrified of his Penis deny the Xistence and Value of the Feminist Rival; if convinced in Bad-Faith having a Penis is Better than having a Vagina condescend to the Feminist Rival by dismissing her as a Rival; and if Comfortable with his Penis ( no matter how Ethical his Penis may be ) have Sx with the Feminist Rival - thus compromising the Professional Relationship. None of this is Conducive to a Woman’s Professional Success - but it does lead of a Lot of Marriages, Divorces, Dismissals and Rape. So Dear Sheryl Sandberg please Lean in - no Woman who is not having Sx with a Man in a Position of Power has Any Professional Power unless it is in a Female-Xclusive eNvironment or the Woman is Particularily ASxual or Masucline. It is Blindness to the Misogynistic Professional Double-Standard perpetuates the Standard - as Long as Men and Women alike are in Denial of the Different Ways Men and Women are treated Professionally on Account of Masculine-Dominant/Feminine-submissive Sxual eNergy Polarity Feminine People will continue to get the Short eNd of the Stick in every Professional eNvironment. In the Future, as in the Past - this is my Prediction - Women at the Pinnacles of Arts and Businesses will be Courtesans - High eNd Sx-Workers - but that is still an unFair Dynamic where Women are Sx-Workers to Male Professionals - Powerful Women defined by their Sx-Lives with Powerful Men and Powerful Men defined by their Professional outPut. To make the unFair Dynamic Fair there needs to be an Acknowledgement by Men in Positions of Professional Power that Professional Power is an unFair Rigged Game Genderwise - Women are required to make Sxual Sacrafices of themselves Men are not to get the Same Places Professionally if ever. As Long as this Sx-Gendered Professional Double-Standard is an Acknowledged Fact of Life for which there are Concessions made to Feminine People to level the Playing Field ( Safe Spaces, for Xample - the Way there will be a ‘Women’s Section and a ‘Co-Ed’ Section at a Gym so Women feel Comfortable working out there should be a Safe Space at every Organization for AnyOne to take Feelings of being Sxually preyed-upon or inValidated due to Sx or Gender ) I believe it will be worth it to Women to offer themSelves Sxually to acheive Career Success while Women who do not wish to make this Sacrifice will not be overlooked if their Art or Business merits aSxual Support. I’m not bothered by having Sx with Shane Smith - I think he’s Funny and Hot and is going to let me take his Money for my Media Brand and be on his Headlining News Show - I’m bothered by having Sx with Shane Smith being Necessary to my Professional Success in a Way having Sx with his Media Mentor/Investor was not Necessary for Shane Smith to get where he is toDay. It wasn’t Misogynistic that Marie Calloway had Sx with Editor ‘Adrien Brody’ or was published by Editor Tao Lin - it was Misogynistic that having Sx with a Rival Male Editor and writing just like him was what motivated Tao Lin to publish Marie Calloway over anOther Young Woman who maybe writes Better and wants the Professional Attention More - like me. It wasn’t Misogynistic that Tao Lin wrote Books about Abusive and Drug-Dependent Relationships with Women based on his Real Life - it is Misogynistic that Tao Lin fails to admit his Responsibility for the Sexual Traumas and Drug Problems of his Former Lovers. It isn’t Misogynistic to run a Men’s Magazine like Vice - it’s Misogynistic to fail to acknowledge that despite a Number of Female Staff and Contributors and Features there is still a Glass Ceiling at VICE and it is still a Men’s Magazine. People flocked to the Derivative Works of Marie Calloway and Megan Boyle because these Women were Sxually-Associated with Idol Tao Lin in a Manner Easy to verify as Real and Gossip-Worthy. People ignored the Original Works of Andrea Coates because that Woman was not Sxually-Associated with Any Prominant Man beyond her Vengeful Imagination - and that Behavior on Part of the Audience as Well as the Publishers indicates a Misogynistic Professional Double-Standard. VICE can Most Certainly continue to publish the Works of People who have Sxual Liasions with Staff Members - however VICE needs to pay More Attention to whether or not a Particular Writer is being promoted because of their Sxual Liasons or because of their Professional Merit - and VICE can start perceiving the Nuance between the Two Reasons to be ‘into’ a Professional’s Work by apologizing, Publicly, for the Many Many Times in the Past VICE has failed to make the Necessary Distinction between ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Professional’. LLWAM is More-so a Family ( Kin-Group ) than VICE which is More-so a Corporation ( Work-Place ) - a Family Kin-Group is not Ethically-required to prove that Professional Merit accounts for its Ties but a Corporate Work-Place is Ethically-required to prove that Professional Merit accounts for its Hires. Was Megan Boyle hired to VICE because she wrote a Great Column or because she was married to Tao Lin? Was Marie Calloway published to VICE because she is a Talented Short-Story Writer or because she writes Derivatively and Graphically about having Sx with Men from Alt Lit? Was Cat Marnell hired to VICE because she is a Reliable and eNtertaining Columnist or because she reminds Shane Smith of Andrea Coates the Writer-Slut he is in Love with and therefore can’t hire but is addicted to Drugs so not quite as Sxually-appealing as Andrea Coates to Shane Smith Cat Marnell but More Hireable if Only insofar as her Drug Addiction remains Reliably eNtertaining? Was Slutever Star Karley Sciortino hired to VICE because she knows a Lot about being a Slut or because she doesnt know enough about being a Slut to know that Shane Smith is training his Custom-Fit Financial-Dominatrix News-Show Co-Host Wife through his Media Brand? Was Kate Carraway hired to pen Girl News because what she wrote was News to Girls or because it wasn’t? I’m not Sure where the Ball falls in Any of those Cases = Misogyny at VICE Corporation. When a Corporation fails to uphold an Ethical Standard of Hire for Professional Merit it needs to apologize and make Reparations like if a Family requires a Certain Kind of Professional Success of its Kin to love them needs to apologize.

The Place of Empath Lit in All this

Empath Lit has emerged as a Response to deepening understanding that the Game of Professional Success in Literature and elsewhere is rigged against Women and Transpeople - Artistic Legacy places us at the Objects-eNd of Lustful Contemplation for a Traditionally cisMasculine Hero-Subject whose Opinion of us Feminine People is Absolute but colored by his eNtitlement to Dictatorial Control over our Bodies and Personalities as his Reward for being a cisMan-Hero in his Subjective Penis Conquest Narrative. Patriarchal Privilege is the Assumption that Feminine People are the Due of Male Professional Success when this is a False Assumption - Professional Success is the Due of Professional Success - not Sx. However if Women and Transpeople are going to win a rigged Game ( what is our Due? to be xploited in a cisMan’s Power Fantasy of a submissive impressional Sx Object due him for his Professional Success? )  we are going to have to employ that Powerful Tool which cisMales are failing to use in their eNtitlement to our Bodies and Souls as their Professional Due - empathy, which is what Women are supposed to do, for Basically Free, Right? What’s a Housewife’s ‘Job’ if not being there for you Sir with a Busum to cry onto and a Ham in the Oven. a Man who sees a Woman as his Due does not have empathy for her and so he is a Monster and it is Usually Only Necessary to expose Someone as a Monster for them to be brought to Justice for their Monstrosity - Time tells All Truths and if you were the eMpathic One you will be redeemed while your Abuser will be condemned. For Women and Transpeople to have Justice for the Sx-Gendered Professional Glass Ceiling keeps them out of Professional Power Positions Men must admit there is a Professional Glass Ceiling made of Sx with the Male Inner Circle ( there is ), why it is there ( because Dominating Men are Sxually-attracted to Female Professional Rivals so to avoid Conflicts of intereSt in Business and Marriage disincline Women from thinking of themselves as Professional Rivals to Men - think of yourSelves rather as Girlfriends and Wives and Mistresses and Secretaries and Sex Objects! ), why Men can’t see through the Glass Ceiling standing on it but Women and Transpeople can see through the Glass Ceiling standing under it ( Most People are not aware a PreJudice xists if they have it but are Keenly aware if a PreJusice xcludes them ), and how the Glass Ceiling can be dismantled ( acknowledge the Tendency of People to prioritize the Professional Work of People to whom they are Sxually-attracted Regardless of the Merit of that Professional Work divorced from the Sx-Gendered Covetability of the Professional to the eMployer or to reject the Meritorious Work of Proffessionals because of Sxual Attraction or Lack of Sxual Attraction and use the acknowledgement of this Tendency to a Misogynistic Professional Double-Standard that affects Women and Transpeople’s Abilities to Succeed Professionally Particularly so to detect when it is manifesting itself unFairly in Corporate Hires and Popular Successes - the Double-Standard is manifesting in VICE/Alt Lit and so the Reactionary ‘Empath Lit’ where the Alt Lit Double-Standard is brought up to be discussed and retooled - and VICE will have to take Notice of this Reactionary Movement or lose its Position of Supremacy as an Alt Lit Publisher ) - addressing the Glass Ceiling requires having empathy for Women’s and Transpeople’s Positions Professionally and Personally. Empathy is not Objectivity - Objectivity is pretending like Men and Women and Transpeople have it Equal in Professional eNvironments because they ought to when in Fact they don’t on Account of their emBodied Sx-Gender and Dom/sub Polarities; Empathy is recognizing Men Women and Transpeople do not have it Equal in Professional eNvironments on Account of their emBodied Sx-Gender and Dom/sub Sxual Polarities and so making the Necessary Concessions to address Sx-Gendered inEquality so everyBody is Happy with their Position in the Professional eNvironment and merits it - having empathy for Women and Transpeople makes Dominating cisMen look Generous with their Professional Power while failing to show empathy makes Dominating cisMen look eNtitled and Greedy and Rapey. Women and Transpeople too must have eMpathy for the Dominating cisMale - his eNtitlement to Power is Liable to make a Lonely Fool or Murderous Psychopath of him if we don’t point out what his Privilege in Life has blinded him to and will deprive him of if the PreJudice is unaddressed and left uncorrected - Loving eMpathic Sx he thinks he is eNtitled to in his Masculine Privilege and Professional Power and like ‘Mr McEwan’ of Summertime Sadness or ‘Haley Joe Osment’ of Richard Yates will rape to get out of Vulnerable Girls. If Shane Smith and Tao Lin don’t apologize for the Misogyny in their Personal Brands what will happen to their Love-Lives I wonder and what on Earth will they use to accentuate their Professional Cool then? - More Drugs and Relationships with increasingly Younger Women with correspondingly Less Power of Consent? VICE&Alt Lit are obsessed with Compulsive Drug-Use and Much Younger Women to the Xtent they are Sxually-repressed Misogynistic Scenes in which Drug Use and Rape-Sx acts as a Distortion of the Ugly Reality of Emotional Abuse by the cisMan-Heroes.

What is so Disdainful about ‘Alt Lit’ and off-putting about Vice Magazine is the Misogyny, the Xploitative Use of Female and Trans Bodies for cisMasculine Self-Glorification, the Pretentious Lack of Empathy disguised as Holier-than-though Hipness, the Reflexive inSecure Self-Protection and Fear of Change that manifests as an inDifference to Constructive Criticism, and the Sorry-not-Sorrying for and from Corrupt Power Figures that is Really Moral Laziness and Shortsighted Economic Self-Preservation. I’m not apologizing for VICE or Tao Lin- I’m asking them to apologize - that’s how they can take Responsibility for their Mistakes and show eMpathy. That I have empathy for them and Good Intentions as regards VICE&Alt Lit is how I can be their Harshest Critic and yet still get offended when ‘Andrea Coates’ doesn’t show up in Lists of Alt Lit Luminaries or get published at VICE - and VICE should take this Stance with its Advertisers: if you aren’t willing to be Constructively criticized in our Magazine don’t pay to advertise in our Magazine. Any Other Attitude towards Advertisers by an inVestigative Magazine betrays Corruption.

Empathetic Criticism is not a Contradiction. Something People maybe misunderstand about Empathy is how Tough it is. It’s Tough to do and practice makes you Tough - meanwhile People think empathizing is a Natural Aptitude of the Feminine People wey should get paid for and makes us weak. I’m not the Meanest Critic of Alt Lit because I’m a Cruel Hater - I’m the Meanest Critic of Alt Lit because I’m an eMpathetic Lover - quite Literally a Professional Sx Therapist - having Sx with People requires a Great Deal of Empathy and Empathy is Tough - it’s a Tough Job being a Lover and when you aren’t given your Due Credit even if your Job is SomeThing it would be inappropriate to take Money for  it’s enraging and feels like Rape. cisMen and their Apologist Women get All wrapped up in “did he actually do that?” “did he force you?” “did he hit you?” “did you say ‘NO’?” like Rape is Something that can be decided-on based on the Amount of Physical Damage you incurred when a Man had Sx with you and also you can’t tell for yourSelf what a Rape of you is or isn’t when - it hurts your Soul Most and try proving your Soul hurts? The Only Way to prove your Soul Hurts is through Art. the interNet gives Women and Transpeople whose Authentic Voices would Otherwise be shut away in a Journal that Never gets read ( “I was raped and told not to talk about it by my family they think I have a mental illness” “I’ve been treated like a rich old man’s mistress since I was 14 but when I finally blackmail him he told the cops I have a mental illness” “a man wrote a famous book about how he abused me when I was 16 but to his facebook fans he says I have a mental illness” what Mental Illness is that? ) the Opportunity to have their Stories find inNumerable Others who have undergone Similar Alienating Xperiences like Rape. Most Men in Positions of Power who own Media Companies and write Famous cisMan-Hero Books have no Idea what it feels like to get raped in their Body and Soul - they are the Ones doing the raping - and therefore do not encourage the Other side of their Stories - these are Lost to Frivolous Mentally-Ill Girl Blogs Men will Only publish or praise if it makes them look Virile and in Charge of Things.  

Again I’m not this Critical of Men because I dislike them - I like Men a Lot I think - More than Women who don’t criticise Men considering how Many of Men I have Sx with comparatively to Most Women who don’t write Man-bashing Feminist Articles on the Daily. I think my Affection for Men has led to my becoming a Sharp Observer of their Habits - and it’s not All Pretty Bois - like my Fondness for Literature and my Generation has led to my becoming the on.lit Witch. That is Empathetic or Constructive Criticism and Alt Lit needs it Bad - Badder than Alt Lit Publisher Shane Smith needs to get laid.

Here’s to the Death of Misogynist Lit this Halloween and its reBirth as Empath Lit in the Spring of 2015 Hoorah

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Alexandra Naughton had a poem published in Luciferous Zine today, "Sad Story #5."

The word “luciferous” refers to illumination, literal or figurative; if Naughton’s poem seeks to…

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The Nihilist Romantics is an exciting new work by Paul Murufas, author of Dystopian Codependent Syndrome (Mess Editions, 2014), and brought to you through the powers that be about it press

"I like this piece because it feels like a continuous piece and it feels distinctly like a Murufas piece. It has everything: longing, sex, drugs, politics, astrology, and a bunch of beautifully morbid and childlike collages." - Alexandra Naughton, Be About It editor

Notes on the artwork:

The three collages in this chapbook contain both found materials and writing/art in the author’s own hand. The images and photographs used were poached from various sources. Special notations, in order of appearance:

"not that long ago after all"

Photos from internet image search “black tar heroin”. The Narcotics Anonymous key tags were passed down to the author several years ago, per N.A tradition of “birthday chip” recipients gifting their key tags to a “newcomer” (roughly defined as anyone with less than 30 days clean, regardless of prior N.A attendance). 

"the cold planets and the small bodies" 

Found science books, Found greeting card. 

"the nihilist romantics"

All photographs in this collage appear in We Are An Image From The Future: The Greek Revolt of December 2008 (AK Press) The collage’s base is a Found Valentine’s card.

'I think of you when I see Velveeta.'



Seinfelds, 2013 — Morgan Blair

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